The exhibition "Bulgaria A Bird's - eye View" presents a selection of 25 large-format photographs by it's author Alexander Ivanov, dedicated to the beauty of Bulgarian natural and historical landmarks. 

Alexander Ivanov's photos are an authentic photo journey through the picturesque and impressive aerial shots that the author captured with his lens, flying hundreds of kilometers with a motorized hang glider over different parts of Bulgaria. For 17 years and over 500 flying hours, he managed to capture the beauties of Bulgaria from the air - all possible colors of the four seasons, from the Black Sea, through the Rose Valley to Rila, Pirin, the emblematic corners - Perperikon, Belogradchik rocks, Tsarevets, the ancient Thracian sanctuaries and many more.


"It's hard to put into words the feeling of freedom and unpredictability that comes over me every time I fly a paraglider. The earth with its shapes and colors has always been the object of my photographic searches, wanderings, delights... The flights over the Endless Balkan, over the Great Rila and over the Magical Pirin were especially emotional and memorable...


The feeling of flying like the birds is indescribable. In fact, the emotion of the flight carries over to the shooting for me and usually doesn't let me go until the end, but becomes an experience with thousands of shots, some of which are worth the effort."


The photographer Alexander Ivanov has been awarded with dozens of prestigious awards, he is the winner of the honorary statuette of the Academy of Photography, he is the winner of two first prizes from different sections in the National Geographic Competition - Bulgaria. His photos have participated in more than 20 solo exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad, have been presented in a number of European cities, the Council of Europe and the European Parliament.


The Exhibition is a new project of the "traveling expositions" program of the State Cultural Institute under the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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