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A Delegation from the State Institute for Culture Attended the Opening of the Bulgarian Pavilion in Venice


Representatives from the State Institute for Culture attended the official opening of the Bulgarian Pavilion at the 60th edition of the Venice Art Biennale, which took place on April 19 at 5 p.m. The pavilion was opened by the Minister of Culture Mr. Nayden Todorov, Commissioner Dr. Nadezhda Dzhakova and the team of the "Neighbors" project, which represented Bulgaria this year - Krasimira Butseva, Julian Shehiryan, Lilia Topuzova and the curator Vasil Vladimirov.

"It is exciting that our country will once again present itself at one of the most significant and prestigious forums in the global art calendar - the Venice Biennale of Art - a world event with traditions that continues to set the direction of the international art scene to this day," said Minister Nayden Todorov

According to Minister Todorov, today we live in a very complicated time, because there are very few people left who remember. Memory is what keeps us safe, and the performance of these artists is about memory.

This is the best forum for contemporary art in the world and the fact that Bulgaria is part of it in three consecutive editions gives a very serious request for what is done as art, said the commissioner of the Bulgarian pavilion Nadezhda Dzhakova

"Artists are not far from historians who arrange the sources of the past and connect them in a narrative. The project brings us closer not only to specific historical narratives, but also to a variety of ways of handling the camera - soberly recording, biographically narrating, historically analyzing or capturing the trace of an action," she added.

The artists noted that their project contributes to the understanding of the silenced past, thanking the Bulgarian state for addressing this important aspect of our history.

Among the official guests at the opening of the Bulgarian Pavilion were Amelia Gesheva, Deputy Minister of Culture, Snezhana Joveva-Dimitrova, Director of the State Institute for Culture under the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Iliyan Loulugov, head of the "Cultural Policy" department at the State Institute for Culture, Iliya Lozanov, Director of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Rome, Yaroslava Bubnova, Director of The National Gallery, Pier Giovanni Cosmo, honorary consul of Bulgaria in Italy based in Venice, artists such as Altsek Mishev, Nedko Solakov, Mikhail Mihailov - who participated in previous editions of the biennial and supporters, who came especially for the opening of the pavilion. The winner of the "Booker Prize" 2023 Georgi Gospodinov was also present to support the Bulgarian participation in the Biennale.

The National Pavilion of the Republic of Bulgaria at the 60th Venice Biennale is organized by the Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria and produced by the National Gallery, under the direction of Commissioner Nadezhda Dzhakova.

The 60th Venice Art Biennale, curated by Adriano Pedrosa, runs from April 20 to November 24, 2024 under the motto "Foreigners Everywhere," with a focus on the foreign, the distant, the outsider, the strange, as well as the local.