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The exhibition "Lace of the Centuries" by the Ukrainian artist Daria Alyoshkina will open the Sofia Paper Art Fest 2024


On March 25, 2024 at 6 p.m. in the Triangular Tower of Serdika - Regional History Museum in Sofia, the exhibition "Lace of the Centuries" will be opened - the first event of the Sofia Paper Art Fest 2024, which will take place from March 25 to November 30, 2024. Under the motto "Without borders", the festival is part of the Sofia Municipality's cultural calendar and promises to present unique exhibitions and events that will bring the audience back to the roots of art.

The State Institute for Culture is a partner of the exhibition with the author Ukrainian artist Daria Aloshkina. The project is happening thanks to the special program "Culture of Solidarity - EUNIC Fund for Ukraine", supported by the European Cultural Foundation and the Bulgarian cluster of EUNIC - Association of National European Cultural Institutes. The initiative has been embraced by the organizers of the Sofia Paper Art Fest and is included in the program of the Biennale in support of Ukraine and its presentation as part of the European cultural treasury. The exhibition is an important message to the modern world that calls for unity in the struggle for peace through culture.

Daria Aloshkina is an expert in paper cutting, ceramics, sculpture and graphic design. Her work is inspired by family traditions. She is an established artist who has participated in workshops and exhibitions both in Ukraine and abroad and draws inspiration from Galician and Podolian folk art.

Alyoshkina chooses to follow in the artistic footsteps of her parents and learn the knowledge of the folk tradition VYTINANKA - a type of Ukrainian traditional decorative art known as paper cutting. The name "vitinanka" comes from the word "vitinati", which means "to cut". It involves creating decorative designs or silhouettes from white or colored paper using scissors or a knife. These carvings are often used to decorate homes and can include intricate patterns and motifs inspired by Ukrainian folklore, nature and geometric shapes. Vytinanka has significant cultural and artistic value in Ukrainian heritage, reflecting the country's rich traditions and craftsmanship.

Within the framework of the exhibition "Lace of the Centuries" on March 26 at 15:00 a workshop will be held with a presentation "VITINANKA", and on April 5 with the support of the State Institute for Culture, a curatorial conversation will be organized.

Partners of the project are: the Embassy of Ukraine in Bulgaria, the Association of European National Cultural Institutes (EUNIC) - cluster Bulgaria, AMATERAS Foundation and Regional History Museum - Sofia.

The exhibition was realized under the project "Culture of Solidarity - EUNIC Fund for Ukraine", with the financial partnership of the European Cultural Foundation, the "Visual Arts" program of the Ministry of Culture, the "Creation" program of the National Fund "Culture" and the Cultural Calendar of the Metropolitan Municipality for 2024.