The Mission Gallery News

International Exhibition "Intercultural Dialogue": Contemporary Small Graphics


June 27 – August 15

Opening: June 27, 6 p.m.

The Mission Gallery

Organizers: Miniprint Kazanlak and the Mission Gallery at the State Cultural Institute at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The international exhibition "Intercultural Dialogue", which will be presented in the "Mission" gallery, features a selection of miniprint artworks that are part of the International Contemporary Miniprint Kazanlak exhibition. This collection, containing works by 132 artists from 42 countries on 5 continents, is a celebration of the diversity and unity that has come to define contemporary printmaking. Featuring a wide range of classical, digital and experimental techniques, the exhibition invites viewers to explore a diverse range of cultural narratives and artistic expressions. Each print exemplifies a unique voice in a broader conversation, highlighting the ways in which tradition and innovation co-exist and influence each other in the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary printmaking.

At its core, "Intercultural Dialogue" seeks to create an intellectual exchange between artists and audiences from different countries and cultures. By juxtaposing the different techniques presented, from traditional prints to cutting-edge digital graphics and mixed media experiments, a deeper understanding and appreciation of graphic work is encouraged. This dialogue extends beyond the visual to encompass the shared human experiences, histories, and philosophies that these works interpret. By engaging with these visual works, viewers are invited to reflect on the intersections of cultural identity, artistic practice, and global interconnectedness in our dynamically evolving world.

The aim of the exhibition goes beyond the display of artistic talent and aims to foster a deep intercultural understanding. Through the prism of contemporary printmaking, the exhibition bridges the gaps between different artistic techniques and conceptual approaches, and unfolds a space for conversation between artists and art lovers, prompting discussions about the current state and future of small printmaking. This exhibition not only showcases the technical prowess and creativity of its participants, but also highlights the importance of art as a universal language capable of transcending geographical, cultural and ideological borders.