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Collective exhibition "HERE AND THERE: BETWEEN TWO COASTS" brought together Bulgarian artists from the USA


The exhibition was officially opened by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Maria Gabriel


On August 2, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Maria Gabriel officially opened the collective exhibition "HERE AND THERE: BETWEEN TWO COASTS" in the "Mission" gallery at the State Cultural Institute. The special guest of the event was the US ambassador to our country, H.E. Kenneth Merten.

"Art is a bridge between people. Through it, we get to know different cultures, share memories and build a future. The exhibition is an interesting visual narrative - a narrative between here and there, between the coast of the Motherland and the coast of new hopes," said the Deputy Prime Minister. According to her, events of this nature are a good opportunity for Bulgarian contemporary art, which has been making its way in Chicago for years, to be shared and promoted here, in Bulgaria. Ms. Gabriel noted that the exhibition includes interesting works, diverse handwriting. In search of the personal expression of Bulgarian artists who are, as it were, here and there, between the two shores of the ocean and thanks to whose work we all find a haven, we find freedom in art. Art is that very important bridge between Bulgarians, commented the foreign minister. According to her, through it we get to know each other and get closer, we fill our common human values and ideals with content, we share a memory. We make the future and the present better because we do it together, Gabriel also pointed out.

The minister recalled that this year marks an important anniversary - 120 years of diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and the USA, and the exhibition is part of many events. She thanked and congratulated the team of the State Cultural Institute, the curator Prof. Vasilen Wasevski and everyone who participated in the organization of the exhibition.

  The Director of the State Cultural Institute, Snezhana Joveva-Dimitrova, as the host of the event, expressed her gratitude to Deputy Prime Minister Maria Gabriel for the assessment of the Institute's activities and emphasized the importance of cultural diplomacy as an active tool in foreign policy interaction.

His Excellency addressed the guests with welcoming words. Kenneth Merten, US Ambassador to Bulgaria "By sharing the exhibitions, your artistic talent from Chicago to Sofia, and all over the world, you are not only promoting and preserving Bulgarian culture, but making your traditions part of the culture of America, helping and for building understanding between Bulgarians and Americans." According to him, there is a reason why art and culture find expression in politics and diplomacy. Culture is a common language that helps us understand each other in deep and higher values that we all share. It is a bridge between two shores that connects us in our common history, noted Ambassador Merten. He emphasized that the partnership between the two countries is stronger than ever, and will continue to deepen, striving for peace, prosperity, and democratic values.

The exhibition, curated by Prof. Vasilen Wasevski - a Bulgarian artist who has lived in Chicago for over 20 years, presents works by 11 Bulgarian artists who live and develop their artistic potential across the ocean. The relations between our two peoples have a long history, noted the curator of the exhibition, Prof. Vasilen Wasevski. He thanked that the Bulgarians were received so well in their "second homeland" America and were treated on an equal footing with American citizens.

The works of Bulgarian artists who live and develop their artistic potential across the Ocean are: Tatiana Avdzhieva, Atanaska Tasart, Stanimira Radulova, Yordan Ivanov, Lucien Dimitrov, Vasilen Wasevski, Mariana Kalcheva, Kamelia Tomanova, Evgenia Petrova, Ivan Mihov and Kiril Manasiev. The unifying unit of the artists in the exhibition is the group "Bulgarian Artists Abroad", created in 2007 with the aim of cooperation in the field of art to spread and preserve Bulgarian culture abroad. The members of the circle have recorded over thirty exhibitions, numerous participations in festivals, competitions and other cultural events.

The violinist Blagomira Lipari, who has been living and working in the USA for years, joined the program of the event with her special solo performance.

The exhibition is organized within this year's cycle of cultural events on the theme: "Bulgaria-America: Past, Present, Future", dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and the USA, and is a joint project of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , the State Cultural Institute under the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Executive Agency for Bulgarians Abroad.

The exhibition can be viewed in the "Mission" gallery until September 8, 2023, every working day from 10 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.