Presentation of "WINDOW" by Vanya Radeva with paintings by Miroslav Radev


On 2.02. 2024 from 6:30 p.m. in the Sofia City Art Gallery at 1 Gurko St. in Sofia
the artist and musician Petko Manchev and the writer Georgi Burdarov, founders of
MUSAGENA publishing house, will present the collection of poems to the Bulgarian public
"Window" by Vanya Radeva with paintings by Miroslav Radev. Last November
year it was presented for the first time in front of dozens of Bulgarians and Slovaks who performed
the halls of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute to honor the author and
the director of the institute. Among the guests were H.E. the extraordinary and plenipotentiary
ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria, representatives of the diplomatic corps, of
intellectual and scientific circles in Slovakia, as well as long-time friends of
the author, her fellow students in the Department of Archeology at Comenius University and
Here in Sofia, the event is part of the "Writing Diplomats" program of the State
cultural institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, together with publishing and production house "Musagena",
whose purpose is to discover Bulgarian authors in various fields of art and yes
presents their works. They have many years of experience in the production of
creative projects for theatre, music, cinema, literature, animation and television. they believe
that there are talented artists who, for various reasons, do not reach the audience, but
they have the ideas and the vision, how to present them on the Bulgarian and world market.
Vanya Radeva was born in the city of Sofia, but is inextricably linked with the cozy and picturesque
capital of Slovakia, where she graduated from Comenius University. Already 10 years she
is the director of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute and adviser to the diplomatic services
of the Republic of Bulgaria in Bratislava. Her permanent residence is in Sofia, but she lived in
different cities of Europe. Everywhere she does not fail to complete a new one
Major: Archaeology, English, Religious Studies, Financial Marketing
services. He claims that learning is the best and tried medicine against physical and
emotional ailments.
During the pandemic, life in the Slovak capital comes to a standstill and Vanya reaches out to
the pen. This is how her first collection of poems "Window" was born, inspired by one
seminar of the famous poet Aksinia Mihailova. The most interesting thing is that to each
her work, as if synchronously, her brother Miroslav has already created a picture with
the same spiritual message. They dedicate it with great affection and humility to their dead
parents Maria and Ivan Radevi, also connected to Czechoslovakia.

Miroslav Radev was born in Prague. He graduated from the Art Academy in Bratislava,
where he lives with his family. Draws graphics and paintings, makes exhibitions,
teaches art to children. His paintings are very emotional
close to the poetry of his sister Vanya and achieve a perfect creative amalgam in this one
a collection of poems.
"WINDOW" is a book from the new line of "Musagena" Books and Art publishing house -
"Poetry with pictures". This is an original brand combining the work of artists from
different arts, which creates an opportunity for creative symbiosis in a joint
project to reach a different and larger audience.