Opening of the exhibition "Memory and Posters" in Prague


On 09.01.2024, an exhibition of posters "Memory and Posters" opens at the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Prague, as a partnership project between the hosts and the State Cultural Institute of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. This exhibition touches on the topic of anti-Semitism in our society and the fight against it through art. The event is on the occasion of commemorating the International Holocaust Remembrance Day - 27.01.
"International Triennial of the Stage Poster - Sofia, as an up-to-date platform oriented to the world cultural scene, is a partner in the creation of the exhibition. The poster has a special power to assert positions and convey important messages, and the exhibition features 12 contemporary proven visual artists. They are winners of awards from the Triennale, their talented authorial presence has various manifestations and recognitions in our country and around the world. These are Anna Simeonova, Ivan Kashlakov, Kiril Zlatkov, Lyuba Tomova, Margarita Doncheva, Maya Staykova, Mila Lozanova, Nenko Atanasov, Petar Chuchuligov, Radoslava Boor, Petar Poch and Strahil Dimitrov. The result is a collection inspired by the message of humanism and opposition to anti-Semitism; a collection telling the story of the rescue of 50 thousand Bulgarian Jews 80 years ago; collection - an expression of the civil and creative reaction against xenophobia and violence, against any form of disrespect for human dignity and the right to life.
The poster collection was realized by the International Stage Poster Triennial together with the State Cultural Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria, within the framework of the international project "Strategic cooperation between Bulgaria and Norway, in support of Bulgaria's international commitments to combat anti-Semitism and the protection of Jewish heritage'.
The exhibition has been successfully visited so far in Burgas, Plovdiv, Sofia, Samokov, Brussels, Copenhagen, etc.
​The exhibitons will be in Bulgarian culture institute in Prague until 28.01.2024